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There are many excellent regions and cities to visit, but one new place I have just discovered is actually the most hated second city in the country, Rosario.

Rosario is halfway between Buenos Aires and Cordoba, which makes it a great destination to visit when you're in Argentina's central region, but there are other destinations as well. Rosario is four hours away by bus and also connected to Buenos Aires by night train, which runs daily to Cordova. From the bus station you can easily take a bus to Buenos Argentine, Cordobas or Mendoza. With a population of over 1.5 million, it is the second largest city in the country after the capital of Argentina, and so it is only a small step on the way to second place in Cordoa.

Cordoba - San Martin is located in the heart of central Rosario, Argentina, and comprises a total of about 12 blocks. Since 2011, it is connected by two highways and autopistas. If it doesn't work out, locals take a bus, a private taxi service or greet one of the many taxis that pass through the area. The train shuttles between Buenos Aires with departure at 4.40 pm, arrival at 11.05 pm and departure from Rosarios at 12.15 pm and arrival in BA at 6.43am. You can also stop in Mendoza, Cordoa or Cordoba for a night train or a shuttle train leaving Buenos Argentine at 4: 30 in the morning. (arrival at about 23.05), and then at 19.45 in Cordova.

To the east, on the Paseo del Siglo, there is a beautiful monument designed in 1926 by Raul Rivero, the Monumento de los Monumentos, a conspicuously converted grain silo on the banks of the river, where the Museo De Arte Contemporaneo is located. In the surrounding area there are a number of museums and galleries, such as the Art Museum and the Art Gallery of Rosario, as well as museums in Cordoba.

The museum mainly contains a collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and other works of art from around the world. Rosario is the birthplace of the Argentine flag and the designer of this flag, Manuel Belgrano, rests in a monument erected on the site where the Argentine flag was first raised. There is a large monument marking the grave of this man who designed the Argentine flag, aptly called Monumento de la Bandera. Completed in 1957, the Plaza de Mayo is a vast monumental complex that honors the heroes who fought for independence with the "Argentine flag" and the "Banderas."

Rosario is located on the border between Argentina and Chile, the two largest countries in the world, and overlooks the city of Buenos Aires. In the centre of Plaza de Mayo is the National Museum of Argentina, a museum with a collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and other works of art from around the world.

Less than 400 km from Buenos Aires, and the country's third largest city, it is a popular destination for foreign visitors who want to learn Spanish. Rosario is an excellent place to learn Spanish, because unlike Aires, where you can get along well with English, you don't have to immerse yourself in this subject and practice it. Flying can be convenient if you are travelling from another place, but it is not always the best option unless you are flying from outside Aires to Rosarios.

If you are on holiday in Argentina in the summer, you should go to Rosario, because the air here smells of greatness. To learn more about this Argentine legend, stop by one of the highlights of Argentina, connected to the city of Rosarios, Ching Pao, the largest city in the country with a population of 1.5 million people.

The train from Buenos Aires to Rosario is quite cheap, takes about 6.5 hours, leaves every day, leaves directly on the water and takes you to the city of Ching Pao, a few kilometers from the airport, and leaves the day of your trip just after sunset. Whether you arrive by train, bus, taxi or even boat, each one of them can make a great day trip, but Rosarios is the best and most convenient way to get there in a short time. Rio Parana offers many opportunities for swimming, kayaking and even parasailing, as well as some great beaches.

So you have already planned to dance the tango in Buenos Aires, find your favourite Malbec in Mendoza and experience the immense power of the Iguazu waterfalls. What else should you add to your itinerary to enrich your time in Argentina? Make it a great way to end your trip and drive from Cordoba to Mendoza to the west, get lost in an art gallery in Cordoba or drive to Rosario for a day trip to Rio Parana or Rio de Janeiro.

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More About Rosario