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Owner Brenda Buenviaje stands in front of her restaurant and talks about her new restaurant in Rosario, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Avenida Ovidio Lagos is everything you would expect in the birthplace of Che Guevara. The monument was erected after the "Argentine flag" creator Manuel Belgrano unveiled the flag, and under the monument there is a tomb. Rosario is best known for its fitos, restaurants, as well as its history and culture.

This restaurant is considered one of the best in the city and is also the second best in Argentina after Buenos Aires. After all, this is the most popular restaurant in Rosario with over 1,000 restaurants and more than 2,500 employees.

Since 2011, two motorways (Autopistas) are connected, but the most convenient way to travel in Argentina is by bus (4 hours drive from Buenos Aires). Rosario also has two bus lines, Estacion Rosarios Sur, which is located in the southern suburbs, and the terminus of Estaciadora de los Estacados de Rosaria Norte, which is located near the city center. If there is no way to separate, locals take a bus or private taxi service or call one of the many taxis that pass through the area.

Getting to Rosario by train is the cheapest option, although you can buy tickets depending on the car and departure time. From May 2015 it is still a bit cheaper to get to Rosario by train, but it costs about 250 AR (20 US dollars) for a train ticket, while a bus ticket costs 500 AR (250 US dollars). The more convenient way to get to the city is still to rent transport from EZE airport. There are two bus lines, Estacion Rosarios Sur and Estaciadora de los Estacados de Rosaria Norte, which both cost 300 AR (30 USD) per person, with a bus ticket costing 250 AR250 (20 USD).

If you plan to stay in Rosario for more than a week, you should check out the accommodation at home. If you are travelling to Rosarios on a budget, look for a hotel or hostel in the city, such as Estaciadora de los Estacados de Rosaria Norte or Estacion Rosaries Sur. If you want to see more accommodation options in Rosario, check out the website.

There is also the Paseo de Diversidad, which honours the LGBTQ community, located in Plaza Roberto Arlt, or the LGBTI rainbow house Cordoba 3650. Find out if there are excellent budgets and gay-friendly options in Rosario, such as Estaciadora de los Estacados de Rosaria Norte or Estacion Rosaries Sur.

The most popular islands are El Banquito and San Andres, while the beaches of Catalunya and La Florida are also worth a visit. Although the museums of Rosario are fascinating, most people come to the northern part of Rosarios because of the beach area, which includes the beaches of Catal una Catalunsya or LaFlorida. Outdoor children are well served - with a variety of adventure activities - and can go hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and kayaking.

Although Rosario may not be as big and lively as Buenos Aires, the port city is full of interesting historical sites to explore and a variety of restaurants.

Rosario is the city where the Argentine flag was first raised and where the National Flag Memorial is located. The Rosarinos are very proud of their city and Rosario Central is the only team from Buenos Aires to win an international title. Boca Juniors is the most popular, with 39% of the rabid football fans who support them, but the team has done well, winning nine Argentine championships and a city of its own, and producing many great international players.

The 15 km long waterfront, once called La Costanera (once home to dilapidated warehouses), is now a lively destination where restaurants, galleries, bars and beaches vie for attention. The cobbled avenues of Rosario, with their many restaurants and cafés, offer all the splendour of Buenos Aires "urban chaos. It is the second largest city in Argentina and the third largest in South America and is ideal for a Sunday stroll or a day trip to the city center.

For 35 pesos (Monday - Friday) you can try lunch, drinks, meals and desserts for the whole day. It may happen that some restaurants stop serving food at certain times of the afternoon, but in most cases it is still served throughout the day.

The food is always delicious and it will be quite hard to be disappointed with a meal in Argentina. The wine tastings are a great way to get to know the sparkling Rosario wines, which are made at home and are also known for their combination with tasty snacks. Although the food is not of the highest quality, you can still admire the magnificent 19th century Spanish architecture.

If fish is not your thing, don't worry, there are many other ways to seduce your taste buds in Rosario. If fish is not your first choice, there are other delicious dishes that will seduce your palate, including the legendary "Argentine Steak," accompanied by a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, tomatoes and peppers.

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