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Today it was announced that Holiday Inn Express Rosario, one of the largest hotel chains in the world, has signed a multi-year contract to build its first hotel in Argentina. The nine-story 175-room hotel is scheduled to open in December 2009 and is located in the city of Rosarios, Argentina, south of Buenos Aires. Holiday Hotel Group, Inc., the parent company of Hilton Hotels and Resorts, announced today that they have signed an agreement to operate and operate a new hotel, the Holiday Hotel and Resort in Rosario. In addition to its 1,000 rooms and 2,500 square meters of retail space, it will also feature a restaurant, bar, lounge, fitness center, spa and gym.

They are located in the city of Rosario, Argentina, south of Buenos Aires, just a few kilometers from the National Park. Also within the boundaries of the park are a number of private apartments, some of which are now overcrowded as you cannot enter, as well as a hotel.

Guests at Holiday Inn Express Rosario will experience a comfortable and intelligent environment that ensures a productive stay whether traveling for business or pleasure. Eco-tourists will feel at home at the holiday hotel, as it has a large dining and seating area, as well as an open-air bar and restaurant.

Rosario, a finalist for the 2016 Sustainable Transport Award, offers countless opportunities to move around the city with minimal environmental impact. In the summer months it offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, camping, fishing and kayaking.

If you feel really active, you can organize a free kayak or bike ride around Rosario. Guests can register by registering at or by calling 1-888-211-9874 and requesting a free membership to Priority Club Rewards! If you feel exclusive, visit the hotel's website, where if you are not a member you will have to pay for a day pass for visitors. Tripadvisor has rated the Intercontinental Hotel and its facilities very positively, making it one of our favorite hotels in the world.

The museum is also located in the Parque de la Independencia and contains artifacts from several South American cultures. The exhibits are in Spanish, but the museum staff speaks English and can provide you with the context of the exhibits. You can also visit this museum to get an insight into the local, regional and national history.

The Pullman Hotel was built here as a kind of oasis for gambling and gambling, it's like Vegas. Pack a picnic and attend a church service while you wander the streets of Rosario if you want, but if not, you can always just pack up and go to the hotel.

The river may be a little brown, but it is the second longest in South America after the Amazon, and it may play a significant role in the history of the city, as founder Don Carlos Escauriza has set himself the task of opening the first lifeguard beach in Rosario and teaching local children how to swim. So you have explored Rosarios on the water, planned to dance the tango in Buenos Aires, find your favorite Malbec in Mendoza, experience the immense power of the Iguazu waterfalls, get lost in an art gallery in Cordoba or whatever you should add to your itinerary to enrich your time in Argentina. But before you see the rest of Rosario, what else should you add to your travel plans to enrich your time in Argentina?

Located a few blocks from the banks of the Parana River, the Holiday Inn Express is an ideal base for tourists in Rosario. The best way to see all that the Parana River Delta has to offer is to rent a kayak and spend a day on the water.

It is a place to chill out with friendly locals known as Rosarinos, and a part of the local culture, and a great place to spend an evening with friends and family.

The tree - lined with Plaza 25 de Mayo - is right in front of the house, which is located in the oldest part of the city. There is a church in the church and there are several large golf courses in the surrounding area. The monument to the Argentine national flag is another great place to start exploring Rosario. This flag was first unveiled as the "Rosario flag," but there are many other monuments to other national flags and flags of other countries.

Finally, a large staircase leads up to the 230m high monument, which houses the crypt of the flag's creator, Manuel Belgrano, and which offers a wide view over the Parana River. A 4-metre-high statue of donated bronze was erected in his memory on 27 February.

Geneva is home to over thirty museums and galleries, presenting a wide range of cultural and historical offerings. The works represent numerous museums, including the National Art Museum, the Musee des Arts Nationes de Geneva and the Museum de la Republique de Buenos Aires.

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More About Rosario