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You can send money to Argentina, but unfortunately it is Spanish, so you have to pick up a Caja plate. Once you have seen the counters, you will need a number that you can get from a special terminal device. Then go to a bank in Buenos Aires, such as the Bank of Argentina or Credit Union, collect your money and send it back to the hotel.

Christina Tunnah, of World Nomads, said: "You see large packs of dogs hanging around the bus station. Remember that there is no one to accompany you in Mendoza, only a small group of people and a few dogs.

He also said: "Argentina is one of the most dangerous countries in the world with a high crime rate. Violent crime is extremely rare, but violent robberies are common and petty crime occurs. Argentina is home to a large number of high-quality hotels, restaurants and bars, so there is no reason to consider it safer than Buenos Aires.

Unlike most countries where it is not recommended to bring a lot of cash, I would suggest that you take a decent amount of cash with you when you go to Argentina. The black market offers you the best places to exchange your money for Argentine pesos. Get more tips that will save you more money on hotels, restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants in Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina.

Dollars and euros can be easily converted into Argentine pesos without restrictions, but there are some restrictions in Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina. Dollar or Euro is not very well known as you can exchange them for Argentine Peso, you can go to the Coto supermarket or other branded stores to do it.

When you arrive in Argentina, do not forget to stay safe and make the most of your time here and learn about local laws, etiquette and tips before you set off. Find out about social and cultural issues that may be a little sensitive in Buenos Aires. If you want to get an impression of the Argentinean music and art scene, you have to go to the city of La Paz.

Do not exchange your local USD or Euro money in your home country for Argentine Peso and exchange it for local dollars or euros. Be sure to talk to your bank and make sure that the withdrawal limits in Argentina are lowered according to what you need.

If you're flexible with your dates, there's a great way to find cheap flights between Rosario and Chicago. The best times to book cheap tickets from Rosarios to Chicago can be found in our best time booking tool (read more here).

Use our price warning feature to see how fares between Rosario and Chicago change over time. We track your flight information and keep you informed about the best times to fly from Rosarios to Chicago and other cities in the region.

BIClookup provides a list of financial institutions with the name of the city and the branch, organized according to the BIC code (Fast Code for Argentina). Use it to find the best hotels in Rosario, Argentina with the best rates and service in the region.

The bank details for Argentina included in the MBR are 27 characters, including the country code "A" (Argentina). Here is the SWIFT code of the bank for the country Argentina, more information about this bank you can find on this website. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provides the quick code for Bank Argentina (AR) and is used for international money transfers. We have an extended and updated database of SWift Codes on our website swiftcodesdb.

The FRBKC relies on the SSA to provide full bank details to ensure that payments are posted correctly to customer accounts. We have indexed and displayed over 100 Argentine SWIFT codes and help you find out more about your bank's country code and its data coding in Argentina.

We have also compiled a carefully selected list of recommended luxury hotels in Rosario, Argentina, and have listed hotels with the highest ratings of four, five, six and seven stars. All hotels we offer are rated with four or five stars and are listed below. Luxury hotels such as the Four Seasons and the Ritz-Carlton are also available. Also available is a list of all hotels outside of Rosaryas, which includes the best hotels and restaurants in Buenos Aires and many other cities in Argentina.

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